Using Sociercise FAQs

Why Should I Register?

Our system requires each individual runner to have a unique identification. You can use your name or make-up a persona specifically for Sociercise. Once you register you will have access to your entire running history logged on Sociercise. You’ll also be able to log workouts performed outside of Sociercise so you can keep track of all your activities in one place. Registering is easy. Just follow the prompts and you’ll get through it with no problem.

How do I configure the app?

Configuring the Sociercise application is easy. First, register. Once you’ve registered and put in your height, weight, and age our system begins to calculate your stride length. If you are doing outside races and workouts, no more configuration is necessary. If however, you are doing your workouts and races on a treadmill our system needs a little bit more information about how you run. To configure running on a treadmill you’ll need about 10 minutes of treadmill time prior to your race. Here’s what to do: Go to the Real-Time Racing menu and select “Inside Race”, then “Choose time from Race Calendar”. At this point you’ll be prompted to do the configuration test. Select “Yes”. The next page you see is our configuration page. While on the treadmill select the first “Do Test Now” button. This will take you to the configuration screen. Push start. You will then have 30 seconds to set your treadmill to the required speed. Then run for three minutes and save your results. Do the following two configuration test for a total of 9 minutes of running. If you are a gifted runner you can do additional configuration tests at higher speeds to further the accuracy of the application. If you can’t run at the higher speeds tap “too fast for me”.

What are Individual Workouts?

Just what it says. You running by yourself, no competition…no timeframes. Maybe you don’t feel like racing, or your time frame won’t work with our race calendar today. You can still run inside or out and track your distance, time and calories with Sociercise. After your run be sure to share your running information with your Facebook friends and Twitter followers.

How do I join a Real-Time Race?

Easy! Just tap the Real-Time Races button on the homepage. From there select whether or not you’ll be running inside or outside. Once you select where you’ll be running you will be sent to the race calendar where you can choose a race. The different icons represent different distances in the races. See our icon explanation page if you need help deciding which races you should enter. (Include link here to icon explanation page). Once you’ve selected a race you’ll be taken to the race details page where you can confirm your participation and invite your Facebook friends and Twitter followers to join you in the race. The race will also be added to your calendar. From there you will be taken to the race page and the countdown timer will show you the time remaining for your race.

What type of GPS Signal do I need?

Our platform requires that your GPS signal be accurate to under twenty meters. During an outdoor workout or race there will be a signal indicator that shows how strong the GPS signal is in your location. If the GPS signal in your area is not strong enough you can still race or workout by using the indoor configuration of your device and choosing an indoor race or workout.

How should I hold my device?

When using the inside race or inside individual workout you will receive the most accurate results by having the device on a belt clip or in your pocket. When using an outdoor race or individual workout you can have the device wherever you like, belt clip, pocket, armband, or in your hand. It is your choice on outdoor races and workouts.

Where can I see my results?

When the race is over you will be taken to a page that gives you all the necessary details. You can also view your race data in your personal Locker Room on the Sociercise website.

How do I set audio preferences and listen to music?

You’ll want to set your audio preferences before your race starts. In the audio preferences section of the application you can choose which audio prompts you want to hear. You can also choose your playlist and begin listening to the music by pressing the play button. When it gets close to time for your race to begin a countdown will begin over your music. You can also set your preferences to hear updates about your location in the race and if you’ve been passed or passed someone during the event.

How do I set and track goals?

Just tap on the Goals button on the homepage and if you’ve created goals you’ll be able to see them there. If you haven’t created goals yet just tap the “create goals” button and follow the prompts from there. Once your goals are set you can track your progress by visiting the goals page anytime.

Where can I find more help?

If you need more help contact us and we’ll be happy to assist. Use the form on our website.

How do I get started?

Just go to the iTunes store and download the Sociercise Application.

Where can I run?

You can run virtually anywhere.  Using our unique algorithms we can accurately track your distance and speed on a treadmill thanks to the accelerometer technology.  You don’t need a foot pod or strapped on device to calculate your racing data.  For outside runs we use GPS technology to accurately track your distance and speed.  So, no matter the weather or the location you can use Sociercise.

Can I invite friends?

Of Course.  Sociercise is fully integrated with Facebook and Twitter.  Feel free to invite your friends and followers to race.  We hope you do!!!