Charity Spotlight Program

The Sociercise Charity Spotlight program is an opportunity for non-profit organizations to showcase their missions and accomplishments. Deserving organizations will be featured on the Sociercise Website and be eligible for a free Sociercise Charity Race.

How it Works:

1) Organizations will submit their applications to us for review. Special priority and consideration will be given to those organizations that provide exemplary service within their communities.

2) We will select one organization per week to be the spotlight charity.

3) During an organization’s spotlight period the organization will be featured on the Sociercise Blog and in numerous Twitter and Facebook posts throughout the period. The organization may also be shown on the main charity page of the Sociercise website. The organization’s selection and information on the Sociercise Blog will be permanent.

4) Sociercise will provide each organization with a press release to share with their supporters, donors, and media contacts about their selection as a Spotlight Organization.

5) Each month the charities that have been selected as a Spotlight Organization will be promoted through our Facebook page in a voting contest. The Spotlight Organization that receives the most votes each month will receive a free Sociercise Charity Race*.

6) At the end of every quarter each Spotlight Organization from the quarter that was a runner up in the monthly contest will be eligible for the quarterly drawing in which an organization will be chosen at random to receive a free Sociercise Charity Race*.

7) Organizations may submit their application to the Sociercise Charity Spotlight Program once each calendar year.

For more information about the Charity Spotlight Program or to schedule a race with Sociercise Charity Races Please call (706) 892-6694 or contact bobby(at)

*Sociercise will not charge the normal fee for the race, however, standard credit card processing fees (2.9% plus .30 per transaction) will be deducted from the gross proceeds of the charity race. Spotlight Organizations that receive the free monthly race agree to let their Charity Race results be made public.