Why Sociercise? Here's Why...

Race against other Sociercise users in real time, in different locations! Start a friendly competition, turning any workout into an impromptu race. Or compete against celebrities, sports figures, or your own personal bests. Live feedback tells you who is in the lead, and when the race is over share the results on social media.

Use Sociercise to track your speed and distance on the roads, trail or even the treadmill (Treadmill Feature Coming Soon)! Using the GPS on your phone to determine distance and speed, you can leave the clunky watch at home. Or calibrate your stride length and use the accelerometer to automatically record your indoor workouts too. No more manually uploading workouts to your tracking program, Sociercise does the work for you!

Track all of your workouts, lose weight and gain speed with Sociercise. Set personal goals for time, distance and calorie burn. Instantly log all of your workouts, and see your progress with fun graphs. Even track workouts that you do without Sociercise, such as group fitness classes!


Coming Soon! Organize or participate in a virtual charity run! Event windows can be set for any length of time. Runners get pledges for every mile using social media, and log them wherever they choose. Miles are tallied instantly and pledges collected automatically! With no overhead cost or logistics to deal with, Sociercise makes it easy to raise money for your favorite charity.

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